Worship Ministries


Our Church has experienced the awesome power and  faithfulness of God to hear the prayers of His people! Our dedicated  prayer team is here to intercede for those in times of need and to  rejoice and give thanks to God for the victory.

Prayer requests can be submitted by filling out a prayer request card at the church. All  members and visitors are encouraged to go forward to the prayer wall in  the front of the sanctuary and spend time in prayer. This is also a special place were prayer requests can be placed in the cracks between  our limestone from Israel.


All  members of the worship team demonstrate first and fore-most a humble  spirit and a clear demonstration of a Spirit-Filled and  Spirit-Lead life. Worship in the  form of music is a conduit to help  focus the members of the congregation  on the God, His Kingdom, His  Greatness, His Power, and His ways. 


The  Audio/Visual Ministry is driven by a deep  and profound love for an intimate relationship with God. The  department members Kingdom mindset leads to servanthood in this  critical area of ministry. The departments focus  is on a worship  service that is God and Yeshua (Jesus) centered in which  the Ruach  HaKodesh (Holy Spirit or Holy Wind of God) is allowed to  freely  manifest.  

The  Drama Ministry is tasked with the building of the Kingdom by playing out  the truths of God in a way that  both young and old, Jew and Gentile,  believers and non-believers can understand. The drama team performs for  many of the Feasts and Holidays  and practices will coincide with these  events.