Who We Are

The  Lord's has clearly given our congregation a call to teach the fullness  and depth of His Word and to  train up disciples who walk in the  complete freedom of the gospel of  Jesus Christ. Our  call as a teaching  ministry manifests as unapologetic preaching and  teaching of both the  Old Testament and New Testament. 

We  believe that a  more in depth understanding of scripture is achieved  through the study  of the Hebraic roots of Jesus Christ. Our teachings  includes the  relevance of Jewish Feasts and Festivals, along with  customs and  traditions, as applied through the New Covenant (New Testament). 

Our   call as a discipleship ministry is intertwined with our teaching   ministry but also manifests through the gifting's of the Holy Spirit.  We  believe in the biblical five-fold ministries of apostle, prophet,   preacher, teacher and evangelist. 

We  believe that all followers of Jesus Christ can manifest these gifts as  the Spirit wills. We are  a member of the network of International  Pentecostal Holiness Church's (IPHC).  

Statement of Faith